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TapMo India : #1 Best Digital business Card brand Which work on both NFC and QR Code technology

TapMo India : Digital business Card brand

TapMo India : Digital business Card brand

In this blog i explain about digital card brand TapMo India and their digital cards variants and the opportunity given by the brand to peoples to  earn by affiliate marketing and jobs opportunities by the company

Tapmo.in is a website that provides NFC-enabled digital business cards for professionals and businesses. The website allows users to create and customize their own digital business cards, which can be shared with others through a tap or a scan on compatible devices.

Tapmo.in offers a range of features for its digital business cards, including the ability to include contact information, social media profiles, photos, and even video introductions. The platform also allows users to create multiple cards for different occasions, such as a networking event or a job fair.

In addition to creating and sharing digital business cards, Tapmo.in provides analytics and insights that allow users to track the effectiveness of their cards. Users can see how many times their card has been viewed or shared, and even get notifications when someone taps or scans their card.

Tapmo.in offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plans offering additional features such as custom branding, lead generation tools, and more advanced analytics. Overall, Tapmo.in is a useful tool for professionals and businesses looking to create and share digital business cards that are convenient, customizable, and effective.

Different types of digital cards 

Use this text to share information about your store with your customers. Describe products, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Share with anyone

Recipients don’t need any app to access your profile.

Match your brand ID

Customise your card with your unique logo and colour scheme.

Unlimited cards

No matter how big your team grows.

Use different profiles

Create different profile sets under one card and switch between them

How you share is up to you

Share your details. Fast.


Digital cards comes free lifetime when you purchase nfc cards from us


Let anyone access your digital profile by scanning your QR code

TapMo India


Your custom URL at


What is NFC technology 

Near-field communication refers to a set of wireless communication protocols that allows two smartphones to communicate within a few centimetres of each other

What is the TapMo Business Card and how does it work?

TapMo business card is a smart card with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows you to share your contact information as well as product and service information with the tap of any NFC enabled smartphone.

Is the TapMo business card compatible with non-nfc smartphones?

No, Non-NFC smartphones will not be able to use it, but there will be a QR code to quickly share information.

Is it compatible with Android or iOS phones?

Yes, it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

What are the benefits of the smart business card and TapMo Digital card?

Users can share contact information and product or service information with customers via email, WhatsApp, text message, social media, and other means. Your TapMo Business card will come in handy when you meet someone at a business meeting, seminar, or conference.

Is it possible to put my company’s logo, image, or design on the TapMo business card?

Yes, the user can include a logo, an image, or any other design in their card.

What details can be shared by the TapMo business card?

Business contact information such as phone number, email address, website, business address, social media pages, and so on. Aside from that, your product details with images and information about your business vertical are required.

Where I can see that NFC feature available or not in my SmartPhone?

Enter “NFC” in the “Search settings” bar. Tap to enable NFC. If you can’t find NFC, your phone has no NFC functionality.

What is a TapMo digital card, and what are its features and benefits?

TapMo digital card is a great website with various alternatives. With a single click, your customer can save their phone number and email address, as well as inquire about product or business details.

Can I change my contact information, product images, or details at any time?

TapMo Digital card is completely customizable, including contact information, profile image, product information, and images. Everything can be customised via the portal.


Why should I buy a TapMo Smart Business Card?

People rarely save phone numbers from paper business cards. In the digital age, everyone wants technology that is easy, quick, and simple to use. With the next generation of smart business cards, you can do just that. TapMo business cards are an innovative way to share your contact information and save it directly to customers’ smartphones. You can share them anywhere and anytime. It is paperless and eco-friendly.

What is digital business cards?

Near-field communication (NFC) technology is used by digital business cards that are NFC-enabled to enable contactless connection with compatible devices. This kind of business card enables information transfer between two devices without requiring any physical interaction or data entry.

Smartphones, smartwatches, and other wearable gadgets are just a few examples of the devices that can store an NFC-enabled digital business card. An NFC-enabled digital business card can be used to share information by simply holding your device close to another NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone or a card reader, in order to read or send the data that is recorded on the card.

Contact information is just one type of data that an NFC-enabled digital business card can have.

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