How Google apps are helpful in our daily life


Hi guys, Priyanshu here.
Today I am going to discuss about how google aaps is helpful in our daily life.

We all know the google is one of the most important part in aur daily life. And it’s collection of apps helps us in every fiels of work.

There are so many apps launched by Google for our help but I’l take top 10 google apps which is helpful in our every day life.

I think every android users use Google’s app in their daily life to make their work easy and save times. And so many works are done by the help of google apps.

These are the google apps helpful in our daily life.

  1. Google Chrome

When we are using an android or ios phone Google Chrome is one of the most using app in the phone . Chrome is easy to use and gives secure web browsing experience.
It easily syncs our all bookmarks, saves our all passwords and we can load thousands of tabs at once without crashing. That’s the reason why most bloggers use Google Chrome browser over other browsers.

Google Chrome gives us access to latest news articles ,we can download anything from chrome and it also provides us Google Translate built in so we can translate English into hindi or any other other language to a our desired language.It give us facilities to perform aur any work on chrome with our desired language which is very helpful for us to do our work.

What are the benefits of using Chrome?
These are the some basic reasons why most people use Chrome over other browsers.

♢It is one of the high-speed browsers and it loads and displays pages very quickly.

♢It is a safe and secure browser that can run across multiple cross-browsers.

  1. Google Drive

It is a one of the best app lauched by Google.we can upload our documents, photos, audio etc which we can access from anywhere anything on a phone or laptop.The most important thing is that we can use 15GB storage of google drive absolutely free .

What are the benefits of using Google Drive?
These are the few things we can do with Google Drive;

♢Store all our files images, videos, documents and so on and access them from anywhere safely
♢we can easily search for files by name and content
♢we can easily share files and folders with others.
♢we can view our uploaded content on drive anytime from anywhere.
♢we can also set access levels for who can view, comment or edit so your data is always safe.

3.Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the popular digital wallet app launched by Google. Millions of people use Google Pay because it’s encryption and security is provided by Google.

We can use Google Pay to send money to friends, pay bills, shop online and it is one of the most essential Google apps to use.

What are the benifits of using this app,
These are the some of the benefits of using it;

♢All our transactions are made directly from senders to our bank account or when we send money to other it directly transfer from our account to receivers account.
♢Our money is never stored in any wallet, so it is always safe for us.
♢we can do anything we want such as booking a trip, grabbing a meal, and paying bills without our wallet .
♢Instant transfer of money from send account to receivers account in just a few seconds

  1. GMail(Google Mail.)

when we are working online, running a business or want to communicate with others, we need one thing: email. GMail ia one of the popular app lauched by google which is used by millions of people to send and receive emails.
What are the benefits of using GMail?
Here are some of the benefits of using this top Google app GMail;

♢It gives us amazing spam filter to prevent spam emails arriving into your inbox
♢It gives us unlimited email storage
♢It’s the one of the best email service which is used by billions of people worldwide .Currently there are over 1.4 billion users are using GMail.

5.Google Maps

It is the most useful and informative app lauched by google. I is mostly useful for those people who like to discover new place .This app provides them map to help them to reach their destination.

It gives the road map from your place to your destination . This app also tells us in how much time we will reach to our destination,we only need to choose our vehicle.This app includes street map,train map, highway etc.So it is helpful in every type of road and vehicle.

What are the benefits of using Google Maps?
These are some of the benefits of using Google Maps;

♢It provides us turn-by-turn navigation, street view, and more.
♢we can check current traffic levels from our origin to destination to avoid hevy traffic route.
♢we can download the route maps so they can be viewed even when we are offline.
♢It provides us accurate most of the times and it is totally free to use.

6.Google Earth

Google Maps earth is useful for practical exploring. It is an best tool to see the world on mobile or laptop . we can use it to see the satellite view of the world any place , zooming is so close that we can almost see your neighbor snoozing in the backyard.

One of the best use of app is that we can se our earth from outer space and see any destination in such a easy way. It shows the 3D image of any monument and we can also see the contenents, country etc and we can also see its zoom view .

What are the benefits of using Google Earth?
These are some benefits of using Google Earth;

♢It gives the 3D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery so we can look at buildings, cities, attractions in a 3D view.
♢It includes a creation tools that help us to draw on the map, add our photos and videos and it is totally free to use. And we can also update maps and data.

  1. Google Lens

Now technology is developing day by day and the time is close when in future our Android will become a full-blown robotic assistant, ready and willing to attend all your research needs and demands.And this app is good example of the development of technology.
If we take pic of any monument then it can identify the monument and give information about it. It tells about anything by just taking pic of this thing.

What are the benefits of it?
These are the few benefits of using Google Lens;

♢Google Lens lets us search for what we want to see.
♢it can translate words which we want to translate by just clicking it’s pic.
♢Identify and learn about landmarks, restaurants and more.

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads is formerly known as Google AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google where you can show paid ads, product listings, or videos on Google search results.

These Google ads are also known as PPC which means Pay Per Click ads as you pay per each click that you generate from ads.

What are the benefits of using this app?
Here are some of the benefits of using its

♢Google ads help us to quickly generate a ton of targeted traffic to our site, app, product, or online stores
♢We can target a specific audience from specific countries to target your audience
♢Google ads work faster than SEO and help you increase our brand awareness

9.Google Meet

Google Meet is the video conferencing app provided by Google that provides a facility to create and join high-quality video meetings.

With Google Meet, we can share our video, desktop, and presentations with others and it is one of the essential Google apps for those who want to conduct video meetings online.

What are the benefits of using it?
These are the some of the benefits of using it;

♢The best reason to use Google Meet is security as all the meetings are secure including audio and video streams.
♢we can perform meeting with up to 100,000 viewers
♢It is simple, light, and extremely easy to use
♢It is just a sample of development of modern technology.

10.Google Forms

Google Forms is a free survey administration software that’s used to create online surveys for free. we can use Google Forms to create surveys, quizzes, or forms to collect data online.
What are the benefits of using it?
These are the some of the benefits of using it;

♢we can pick a variety of premade themes or we can create your own forms.
♢It’s completely free with a Google account and we can access it anywhere, anytime
♢We can use forms for surveys, quizzes etc.
♢we can create Google forms, share them from a link, or we can even embed them on our website.


Hope you guys get it and get understand why google is so much popular and how it’s apps help in our every day life.

So any suggestions for improvements in post or any suggestions for next post mail me on my personal gmail
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How Google apps are helpful in our daily life


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