Instagram increases reels time duration to 90 seconds



Photo sharing platform Instagram has launched a new feature on its short video service .Reels which will allow creators to create 90-second videos. Earlier, Instagram Reels allowed creators to launch 60-second videos.

“We’re giving you more time to play on Reels, by extending the length to up to 90 seconds. You’ll have more time to share more about yourself, film extra behind-the-scenes clips, dig deeper into the nuances of your content, or whatever else you want to do with that extra time,” Instagram said in a blog post.

The platform had recently launched Templates, which allows users to easily create a reel using another one as a template. Templates pre-load the audio and clip placeholders so that users can add and trim your unique clips.

Instagram said that the new features will help creators to engage more with their audience.

It has also launched a feature that allows creators to import their own audio directly within Instagram Reels. “Use the import audio feature to add commentary or background noise from any video that’s at least five seconds long on your camera roll. Make sure that you like how your voice sounds in the recording because others might use it in their reels, too!” the blog post reads.

Instagram said that the interactive stickers from Stories are now available on Reels. The platform urged creators to try out these stickers in Reels to help pull in new viewers who can become part of the storytelling.

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