Meta set to shut down its private messaging app ‘Tuned’ for couples in September: Good or bad ?

Meta set to shut down its private messaging app

Tuned, an app, which was developed by Meta which was designed for couples looking to connect even when they’re apart, is set to shut down. According to The Verge, Tuned app which was launched in 2020, comes from Meta’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, which develops experimental apps and services. Tuned allows couples to chat, share photos and music as well as have a timeline of shared memories.


The main feature of the Tuned messaging app was that through this couples can privately share their thoughts and moods as well as send notes to one another.

There are also games that couples can play to get to know each other better, in addition to Spotify integration for exchanging music. Tuned doesn’t provide a reason as to why it’s getting discontinued, and its app pages on both Google Play and the App Store don’t offer any other details either.

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