Self repairing phone: will be the best feature

Self repairing phone9

Multiple device manufacturers have recently announced self-repair services, but the reasons behind these initiatives may be more about self-preservation than customer service.

Self repairing phone

Google made headlines when it announced it was partnering with iFixit to make it easier for customers to repair their Pixel phones. The announcement follows similar ones from Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft. While some have applauded the announcements as a fundamental shift in how companies operate, the real reason may be more about heading off future legislation than about making meaningful changes, a view supported by the fact that none of the companies have revealed concrete plans.

Right-to-repair is a movement that has been gaining momentum. Consumers often prefer to repair expensive phones than replace them, and many groups cite the environmental impact of replacing phones over performing minor repairs. Despite the building pressure, many companies have continued to make their devices increasingly difficult to repair in the interests of design and aesthetics. However, in July the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted unanimously to start targeting “illegal repair restrictions.”

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