Tera Box : Best option for safe and secure 1TB (1024 GB) cloud storage for free

Tera Box cloud storage 

Tera Box

What can Tera Box do for you?

1TB large free storage space

Large space storage service, save your data in all formats (pictures, videos, documents, etc.)

Back up files Back up phone pictures and videos with one click

With one click, you can back up your phone’s photos and videos to TeraBox without worrying about data loss

Mobile phone photo album smart butler

Provide time axis, photo classification and other smart album sorting ability

Documents can be viewed anytime, anywhere

The ability to view TeraBox pictures, videos, documents and other personal files without the Internet

Watch video files online

Video saved in the cloud can be watched online, offering high-definition options and double speed playback capabilities

Work from anywhere

You can enjoy 10 + member privileges in App, Website and PC, including 2TB super-large space,4GB super-large file upload, automatic video backup, high-speed
download, cloud decompression, video double speed and resolution selection

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