What is Cripto currency? What is bitcoin?


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I tried to explain about cripto currency and Bitcoin in this post and also suggest a app for Treding in bitcoin cripto currency.

♢ What is Bitcoin going up?
Bitcoin recently hit a new record price of $64,000 on April 13.

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular and also the most expensive cryptocurrency.
On April 13, the price of Bitcoin hit a record of $ 64,000.

That day Bitcoin had broken its previous record of an all-time high.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that get rise in the world when its prices rose in the ten- thousand dollar digits in the year of 2017.
After the year of 2017 the price of Bitcoin has only grow up consistently and make q big change in the category of cripto currency.
On April 14, the price of this cryptocurrency hit a record 64,000 dollars, which at this point is not a surprise for anyone because of its increasing growth . As interest in cryptocurrency grows, and more people start to buy Bitcoin, the prices are going to keep increasing.
However, there is a specific reason the price of Bitcoin shot up 5 per cent in a single day.

Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrencies was listed on the Nasdaq Global Inc’s exchange. Coinbase got an evaluation of a whopping $100 billion.
The crypto market turned bullish as Coinbase’s listed inspired confidence among the crypto investors and enthusiasts.
Over time, many large corporations, celebrity investors and governments have come to realise the importance of blockchain technology.

Due to the increasing popularity bitcoin cripto currency attracts big companys towards it like Tesla have started accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate mode of payment. As the popularity of Bitcoin skyrockets, so do the prices.

♢Coin switch kuber

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Elon Musk’s Tesla starts accepting Bitcoin as payment method, netizens say ‘consider Doge’

♢Bitcoin Bubble and Bitcoin Price Prediction

As cryptocurrencies are endorsed and used by corporations and government departments in their daily functions,
Bitcoin is slowly becoming an inescapable part of the future. However, many economists and analysts believe that the cryptocurrency market may be in a bubble that’s about to pop. Looking at the Bitcoin price, it’s easy to say that there is a Bitcoin Bubble.

♢ Peter Thiel calls Bitcoin ‘Chinese financial weapon’, urges US to tighten rules on crypto.

Q. What this essentially means is, there is a limit to the number of Bitcoins.

Unlike national governments who can print an unlimited amount of money, there are only a total of 21 million Bitcoins. Once all 21 million Bitcoins are mined, there will not be any more available. As long as the demand for Bitcoin continues to grow, the price of this limited cryptocurrency will continue to grow.
Some experts believe that Bitcoin is very likely to hit a price of at least $ 100,000 by the end of 2021

♢Some key points about Bitcoin cripto currency

Tracing its birth from 2009 Bitcoin is often known as cryptocurrency, a virtual or a digital currency.
It is a new currency type which was the invention of an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

We can trade the bitcoin and get rich. However this kind of gambling can make us lose all our invested. Go ahead only if you have some extra pound. It is a relatively new technique in markets worldwide.

Bitcoin was came into existence as a bypass to the banks and government. Which means the government support is not available because no direct or indirect tax is going to the government’s fund.

Marketplaces where people can buy or sell bitcoins are known as “bitcoin exchanges” using different currencies.

♢How is Bitcoin useful?

☆can be used to buy commodities anonymously
☆bitcoins are not tied to any place or country
☆international payments are easy and cheap because of it
☆there are no credit card fees
can be bought as investments

♢What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining helps in earning bitcoins. It is a process of adding transaction records to the Blockchain. You can do Bitcoin mining in two ways:
☆ either you can use your own computer to do the mining or you can hire the hardware from someone.

The mining exists to confirm every transaction, and every single user of the network is able to access this ledger.

♢Bitcoin wallet

Digital wallet or Bitcoin wallet is where you can store bitcoins, it exists on user’s computer or in the cloud. They insure users to pay for goods, it’s kind of virtual bank account.

Names of buyers and sellers are not revealed even though each transaction is recorded in public log. It also helps the users to buy or sell things without easily tracing it back to them.

♢Problems and Limitations of Bitcoin

☆not a generally accepted payment method
☆only accepted by a minority of wholesalers or traders
☆could be uncomfortable or complex to use
☆it is a niche product, it can sometimes become expensive to use, that is, if used for small transfers and payments
Is bitcoin legal?

♢About legality of bitcoin is a controversial topic. 

Countries like Japan have passed a bill where they have given legal recognition to Bitcoin,
whereas in China, the government have imposed regulatory restriction towards use of Bitcoin.

In India it is upon the government to decide if we can treat bitcoins as a currency.
But the government only has power to issue currency. The real power rests in the hand of Reserve Bank of India to decide whether to treat Bitcoin as a currency or not.

After demonetization in the country, the demand for bitcoin has increased. Even with the increasing demand, the trade has a lot of high risk, thus it is quite difficult to state whether Bitcoin is legal or not.

Interesting facts about Bitcoin

After the invention of internet Bitcoin has been the most revolutionary breakthrough of the 21st century.

As amazing as the bitcoin is, it has many fun facts, mystery, and conspiracy theories that are yet to come out.

Let’s look at some of the most surprising facts about cryptocurrency queen, Bitcoin.

The first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza. The first ever transaction of Bitcoin was the purchase of 2 pizzas by Hanyecz.
Today, this transaction is seen as the most expensive food order in history.
May 22nd is the date Hanyecz made his pizza purchase, which now many cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide remember as “Bitcoin Pizza Day” .
Some strange things like a goat, pocket cannon, a webcam show and even a trip to outer space can be purchased with bitcoin.

A satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin   through which transactions can be done. The term satoshi comes from Satoshi Nakamoto, the originator(s) of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs are now available worldwide, with the United States having more ATMs than all countries in the world combined.

The year estimated for mining of the last bitcoin is 2140, based on the Bitcoin block having a dividing frequency of four years.

After knowing what bitcoin is let’s jump to the main topic here, which is,
Q.what are the reasons behind the growth of bitcoin prices.

There are various factors determining the Bitcoin prices, such as,

☆the mining process,
☆the international prices,
☆the number of competing cryptocurrencies,
☆regulations governing its sale and overall demand and supply of bitcoin in various countries.

The incredible reminiscent demand will drive the success of advanced money development in India. Exchanging volumes on shared crypto stages

Localbitcoins and Paxful have been developing consistently in India. Indians convert their INR to bitcoin and afterward to U.S. dollars utilizing these two stages.

♢The Causes of Bitcoin’s Price to Rise


Most bitcoin investors hold or channel a huge part of their bitcoin to private speculation reserves or investment funds. This adds to the apparent shortage of bitcoin, adequately keeps bitcoins unavailable for general use, and prompts cost gratefulness as expanding interest for a constrained flexibly of bitcoin raises costs per unit.

Investors may accumulate bitcoins before its price rises. Investors withdraw coins from the exchanges and hold them when they expect the price to rise.

☆Increasing Liquidity

Unlike years before when 50% of price fluctuation happened due to low liquidity rate, there are many players involved nowadays. The approval of complex trading instruments deepens liquidity and attracts investors who previously were discouraged by bitcoin’s price fluctuations.

☆Media Hype

Media hype can generate increased purchasing pressure and increase bitcoin price. While media coverage tends to push up the price, if the rise too fast, it causes a bubble which eventually bursts and crashes the market.


Bitcoin whenever adopted by major retailers and investors can cause in driving the price upwards.
Another major price booster comes from major financial instruments these allow big institutions such as banks to invest in Bitcoin without actually buying currency.

☆Growing Distrust in Currencies

If people lose their trust in currency or banking system, they go for an alternative. This is where Bitcoin is a popular solution, which is similar to other assets such as gold.

Also the bitcoin prices in India concerns the instability of the Indian currency.
Since Indian rupee is not stable, the exchange rate of Indian rupee and USD tend to rise.

After demonetization people are bending more towards the virtual/digital form of money.

☆Shortage of Supply

Another booster behind bitcoin’s price increase comes from its scarcity. To date, about 85 percent of the total amount has already been mined.

Today, for every 10 minutes, another 12.5 bitcoins come into existence, but this amount of bitcoin gets halve every 4 years or so.

☆Rate of growth of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is growing faster than the internet, since people believe cryptocurrency is money and everything else is credit, thus bitcoin has a huge store of value.

The invention and expansion of internet brought people together, now they can be connect to each other. With the use of internet it is easy to spread the ideas worldwide. Digitalization has helped in the growth of cryptocurrencies.

♢The Reasons For Rise In Bitcoin Price In India

The question asked by many bitcoin enthusiasts is – What are the reasons for Indian Bitcoin prices to be higher than international prices?

The rise and fall of bitcoin price is dependent on a lot of factors. Bitcoins have given a boost to our economy. There are many factors determining the bitcoin price such as overall demand and supply in India, international price etc. In this section of the blog you will get to know about the reasons which are responsible for the rise of bitcoin price in India.

There are hardly any sellers of Bitcoin in India, so due to this reason the Bitcoin prices in India is increasing on a daily basis until there is an appropriate seller for it.
In such a case the purchasing price is kept very high in order to discourage the buyers from the task to buy bitcoins. This is done to make sure that they have enough coins to sell in the market.
The future of Bitcoin still seems bright because it is a reliable store of value whose scarcity and high stock-to-flow ratio make it a very attractive investment and a great hedge against current political and economic instability.
The demand for gold has historically been increasing due to high inflation rates and aggressive monetary policies, and the same can be said for Bitcoin price rise, which continues to prove itself resistant to government intervention.
Since Indian prices are mostly both buy and sell prices, thus they tend to be higher than the international prices in the market.
After demonetization the demand for Bitcoins has gradually increased in India.
Thus we can say that it is not illegal to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin in India.
Thus in the time period of demonetization, there has been a phenomenal growth in the use of bitcoin.
There is an increase in the rise of bitcoin price in India because anyone can buy bitcoins anonymously.

Bitcoin price in India is increasing because the bitcoins can be used to buy many commodities anonymously, that is, without tracing the transaction back to the buyer.

There is a rise in bitcoin price in India because bitcoins are not tied to any place or country, thus are hard to trace. Bitcoin price in India have no boundaries and are decentralized, which means, a person in India can trade Bitcoin with someone sitting anywhere in the world.

Bitcoins are making international payments easier and cheaper.
For any transaction to happen there are no credit card fees.
People can trade bitcoins at a very less transaction cost, and hence, this is a reason for the uprising in Indian markets.
Bitcoin price in India is rising because you can buy it as an investment.

Since, people believe cryptocurrency is money and everything else is credit, thus bitcoin has a huge store of value and hence there is a rise in bitcoin price in India.
Digitalization is yet another significant factor for the bitcoin prices in India to be higher.

Since people are taking keen interest in the working of bitcoins and are trading with it. That makes the bitcoin price in India rise.

The Supreme Court has also given acknowledgement to the fact that Bitcoins are not a legal tender, but they are also not prohibited by law.

America’s trade war with China and disputes with other countries have attracted investors to buy bitcoins.
A small number of early investors or wealthy bitcoin holders keep a big chunk of bitcoin and they will never let bitcoin price drop.
The regulatory environment and the instability of Indian rupee are key drivers here. They will send the Indian crypto industry rising high in the market.

The Indian cryptocurrency market development have three significant driving force, namely immigrants, finance, and government policies.
One of the key factors behind rapid growth of Indian crypto sector is cross-border remittances. The amount of payments done or traded by Indian immigrants has been the highest in the world over the years.
Another factor regarding bitcoin prices in India concerns the instability of the Indian rupee. Since Indian rupee is not stable, the exchange rate of Indian rupee and USD tend to rise.
The ability to freely trade bitcoins or digital currencies in India has brought enormous potential to the trading ecosystem. And the country itself with the many of survey respondents believing heavily in the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

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What is Cripto currency? What is bitcoin?


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